Mellina Passi
Product Design | UX Research

Subscription Platform


user research + product design + interface design

Caixa Cosmo was designed to promote independent artists

Caixa Cosmo is a subscription platform designed and founded by me in 2016. Its aim is to deliver creative products handcrafted by artists and local makers. In addition to creating the concept, visual identity, curatorship and customer experience, I was responsible for all administrative operations during 2 years.


To design a low-cost publicity platform for brazilian producers and artisans to increase their sales. The premise also included highlighting values such as innovation, curatorship and sustainability. Create an innovative product using a simple digital platform and, consequently, generate strong engagement of final consumer.


Research and Analysis
- Deep interviews with potential users (sellers)
- Concept validation (buyers)
- Benchmark

- User's journey mapping
- Business model canvas
- Stakeholders mapping

- High fidelity prototype
- Mobile friendly website (MVP)

- Online survey (sellers)
- Satisfaction survey (buyers)
- Quick usability tests



• Difficulty in managing online sales. They usually ask for help or hire someone else to managing the e-commerce.
• Rarely or never pay for online advertising.
• Most have already lost online sales due to lack of organization.
• They don't know about online advertising tools beyond conventional social networks.
• With the popularization of social networks, they feel pressured to be in all of them. Managing multiple accounts is tiring, they feel overwhelmed.
• Most common locals of sale: fairs, collaborative shops, e-commerce, online marketplace.

• They get excited to consume new products with intention of being the first ones among friends.
• They pay more for socio-environmental products. Most said they rather products aligned with fair trade values and sustainability.
• They have already gone to places and bought products only with the intention of posting images on Instagram.
• They are encouraged to buy by influencers or friends. Most have already purchased products advertised by their social networking contacts.
• Preferred brands are online. Potential buyers have said to buy both physically and online.
• Most used social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest.


I decided to create an experience that allows users to find good artisans from the brazilian independent creative market and know products in a safe, practical and innovative way. Features and touch points defined to the business:

1) Site access and subscription plan selection - after selecting the plan, user must create an account on the platform to manage their subscription. The recurring payment is simplified via credit card or bank slip.

2) Monthly products - the consumer receives a box containing 5 surprise items selected month by month and a physical brochure describing the artists background and all forms of online contact.

3) Digital impulse - in addition to the biography in the brochure that comes inside the box, user is invited to read a mini digital interview on the blog and listen to a playlist chosen by the artist on Spotify. Plus having access to exclusive photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest organically and sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram for 24 hours;

4) Post and share - users are encouraged to share the pictures of the products in social networks. > Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other content types. (Buffer, 2014).

5) Interaction e sustaibility - the mdf box is totally reusable, being possible to customize and create new items from it.

6) Satisfaction survey - after receipt of the month's box, the user gets a digital satisfaction survey to rate the experience of the month and the products received. The criteria are: inspiration, quality and usefulness.

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