Mellina Passi
Product Design | UX Research

Real Estate Map


user research + UX Design

What is the best way to use Google Maps as a partner?


Imóvel VIP is a real estate search website based on Google Maps api. This study aimed to investigate if the potential buyers appreciate the style of navigation for purchasing real estate and could complete the main flow with good experience and usability. 

We decided to analyse the website functionalities by testing them on potential users through systematic observation in laboratory. We aimed to evaluate labels of the buttons, quality of the descriptive texts, the positioning of the panels on the interface, identification of custom icons and the level of enjoyment by the user. We ran the usability test on potential real estate buyers who were willing to look for properties on the web in a short term.

1. Briefing review
2. UX strategy/Roadmap of activities
2. Participants recruitment
3. Script definition
4. Usabilty tests in lab
5. Data analysis/Crossing information
6. Final report

Even having experienced some difficulties in finding a perfect property, participants evaluated positively the Google Maps style of navigation for purchasing real estate. The most important improvement suggested was the enhancement of the functionality of finding better properties through reference points in the city. Users revealed that they felt secure finding addresses orienting themselves by the available structure around, such as bakeries, pharmacies, gas stations, gyms etc. We suggested other improvements to refine the interface based on the overall inputs and posterior analysis.

As UX project leader my role was to apply the best approach to user research until the final delivery. This includes select the participants to be recruited for research, running the usability test, analysis of results and writing the final report.