Mellina Passi
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user research + product design

The best multimedia features for a new Samsung app


With the growing popularity of smartphones and the emergence of new technologies, the habit of taking photos has changed, and consequently, the way people relate to their multimedia files. To create innovative solutions, it was necessary to understand how and why users create, organize, visualize, share and take ownership of their digital media.

This work aimed to investigate these issues using a combination of research methods to explore in greater depth the theme and thus develop a new product suitable for the Brazilian market by Samsung. This combination was composed of five methods:

1) Quantitative research through web form;
2) In-depth interviews with ten users who enjoy and take pictures frequently, five of whom are married with children and five singles;
3) Prioritization cards with ideas of functionalities to validate the degree of interest of the user according to their habits or needs;
4) Creation of personas - following the fundamentals of Brown (2007)
5) User's journey based on the results of the study

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We evaluated positive and improvement points by combining different methodologies in order to generate concepts for a product that was related to multimedia files focused on users' needs. This combination of methods proved to be effective since each one pointed out data that were confirmed and complemented by another method in different phases of the research, which generated a complete and safer result for the decisions of the company.
Among the results obtained, we highlight the user's need to record daily moments and events; quick editing of photos and the interdependence of these digital artifacts with social networks. The full results can’t be disclosed due confidentiality.

As part of an UX expert team, my role was to guide the profile to be recruited for research, creation of script for qualitative research, interview users with the team, analysis of the results to define the user's journey and writing the final report.