Mellina Passi
Product Design | UX Research

Influencers Research


user Research + strategic planning

UX research to create strategies for Visa social networks


This study aimed to get empirical knowledge and provide a depth description of the scenario and behaviors of the main brazilian influencers in the social networks at that time. Understand how ordinary people, without any relationship with a brand, become so popular on the internet. The conclusion should guide Visa on creating strategies and actions for social networks.

To understand this complex universe, the study was split into two phases. The first phase consisted of twelve individual in-depth interviews with creators of famous projects on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, E-commerce, Blog, Vlog and a mobile application. We interviewed them face-to-face guided by semi-structured script. All them answered the same questions and could also give their opinions freely.

The second stage consisted of six group discussions with the followers of the selected platforms in the previous step. Thus we were able to compare the perceptions of the points mentioned as important to maintain an admired web project.

1. Inception/briefing review/UX team discussion
2. UX strategy/Roadmap of activities
3. Online research/Benchmark
4. Influencers invitation (recruitment)
5. Field research/Interviews with influencers
6. Recruitment of audience representatives for interviews
7. Group discussions
8. Data analysis/Crossing information
9. Final report presentation

We perceived common behaviors among influencers and similar opinions among audiences. The main motivation to create something on the web is what differentiates themselves, but the following steps are very similar. They can be divided into two major groups - Beta (non-professional) and Hunters (digital entrepreneurs). After completing the analysis, we were able to generate recommendations for Visa on how to handle this so spontaneous and unpredictable universe of social networks even being a consolidated player and known by mainstream audiences.

As UX project leader my role was to apply the best approach to user research until the final delivery. This includes guide the profile to be recruited for research, interviewing them with the team, analysis of data and writing the final report.