Mellina Passi
Product Design | UX Research

Chat Commerce App


user research + UX design + interface design

Talk7 is an app to manage sales and talk to customers


Who sell on the internet have the challenge of managing multiple applications to keep their sales organized and customer questions answered. Our goal was to develop a mobile application that mixed selling and chatting for Elo7 marketplace sellers.

We decided to begin this project with in-depth interviews to understand the user's journey. After this phase and extensive benchmarking, we decided to test our hypothesis in high fidelity prototypes through systematic observation. We aimed to evaluate the understanding of the first concept, the navigation flow, feedbacks, and the level of enjoyment by the user. Usability tests were performed periodically throughout the product conception.

Users felt closer to the seller when they talked and bought at the same time, because quick feedbacks gave a sense of security during the purchase. Our challenge was to improve the user experience keeping it as fluid as possible, improving order conversion and customer satisfaction. Both custumers and sellers should feel secure and engaged during the sale.


We perceived that the best way to create a fluid conversation was to add a "chatbot" as a third party to send the transactional information, such as available forms of payment and shipping methods. We applied another round of usability testing and confirmed that this way both customers and sellers felt up to date about all the steps of the sale. The application was first launched for Android users in 2017 (70% of active users of the platform).

As Design Lead my role was to define the best approach to user research. This includes guide the profile to be recruited, interviewing them with the team, analysis of data and directing insights to product development. User researches were frequent, in all phases of development. In addition I worked with the design team interpreting the results, generating ideas and directing the visual identity of the proposal.

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Visual interface by Elo7 design team