Mellina Passi
Product Design | UX Research
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I solve problems through design


Hello! My name is Mellina Passi from São Paulo, Brazil.

I'm a creative product designer and user researcher passionate about technology and beautiful things. Over the last years I've been studying how to create more attractive experiences focusing on usability and user’s perspective. Designing interfaces that solves complex interactions with simplicity to build products that excite users.

I have ability to lead the whole design process: from workshops, early physical and digital explorations through concept, researching, prototyping, usability testing, and final pixel-level specification for an experience that spans devices and users. A good understanding of what types of experiences are made possible by current digital technologies, with solid knowledge in various platforms and operating systems. Proven usability research expertise, running usability tests in lab or in a rapidly manner. 

Good interpersonal communication skills and analytical skills, capable to collaborate actively as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Experience in managing local and remote teams. I also took part in projects in partnership with teams abroad.


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Awards & Recognition


Finalist of Prêmio Brasil Criativo 2016 with Caixa Cosmo

Winner of Samsung Innovator Legend Contest 2013 - Campinas, Brazil. Key product concepts: convergence, multiplayer, game, education.